thermal baths - Sagitarius

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thermal baths

9 minutes on foot from the apartement to the SPA Hotel. You can get a access card for the SPA area and pool & therms.


  • Disorders of the locomotor system: rheumatic polyarthritis, arthritis, ankyloidic spondyloarthritis, degenerative deseases of the joints (sponyloarthritis, goarthrosis, coxarthorosis); trantic disorders of bones, joints, muscles, tendons, postrauma conditions - distorsions, luxations fractures, post-operative conditions, etc.;

  • Disorder of the peripheral sensorium: neuralgia, neuritis, radiculitits, plexitis, discopathy, discal hernia, redidual diseases of the cerebrum and the spinal cord, post-traumatic and post-operative conditions;

  • Gynaecological diseases: chronic inflammatoiry diseases of the genitals, ovarial insufficienxy, various types of sterility; Professional diseases: myalgia, myositis, tendovaginits, tendomyasis, vibrational disease, etc.;

  • Dermatological diseases: eczema chronica, dermatitis, psoriasis vulgaris and others;

  • Hypertonic disease I stage, inital stages of atherosclerosis, post-conditions of thormboflebitis, angioneurosis and others;


  • Chronic intoxications with heacy metals, radionucleids and others;

  • Metabolic diseases - gout podagra, diabetis, etc.


  • Pulmonary diseases: tracheitis chronica, tracheobronchitis, bronchial asthama, broncheictasis

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